Sometimes in an evening I go out for a short walk and a favourite one is to the nearby stretch of coast, where the river Keer flows out into Morecambe Bay.

It’s what you might class as a wild area of channels and grassy hummocks; not the sort of place to be when a high tide comes in. But for me its wildness is its beauty.

There are waders and seabirds to be seen; wild flowers, stunted by the salty air and the wind coming straight off the sea.

The approach takes us along a lane, at first parallel to the coast. The hedgerows, at this time of year, are rich in stitchwort, bluebells, red campion and primroses.

These hedges afford some protection and give you the chance to take in the views towards Warton Crag.

It’s only a short walk but just the thing to blow away the cobwebs and lift the spirit. We feel very lucky to have all this and so much more on our doorstep. It’s been a good move!